An estimated 1.5 billion people play videogames worldwide. 58% were interested in donating while playing.*

*Charities Aid Foundation’s Gaming and Charitable Giving Survey Results 

Gaming for Giving (Patent Pending) is an online gaming platform widget that turns game-points into dollars for charities.

Beneficial Gaming

Game-points or Game-time are turned into dollars for charities.

Gamers direct corporate-giving to the charities of their choice.

Corporate Giving Revealed & Simplified

Corporations supply the capital.

Corporations are promoted to 1.5 billion gamers worldwide.

Corporate Giving fulfillment goes digital and gets simplified.

Charitable Education

Charities are exposed to 1.5 billion gamers worldwide.

Gamers learn about charities.

Gamers do good.

Beneficial Gaming . Charitable Education . Corporate Giving Revealed


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